eliminate work boots odor

Get Rid Of Smelly Feet: Tips to Effectively Eliminate Work Boots Odor

Ah, the sweet smell of roses in the morning has nothing to do with the all-too sour smell of feet after a long day’s work. But why does this happen? And most importantly, how do you stop it? If you need someone to blame for this enchanting odor, we’re pointing the accusatory finger at your sweat glands. And[…]

Understanding the Work Boots Safety Standards: ANSI – ASTM

Don’t you just love acronyms and numbers? What about acronyms and numbers combined? They must give you a very special, warm tingling feeling. A lot of people have a hard time understanding these things, at least at first glance, and that goes double for the tons of work boot ratings. It’s important to know that OSHA, aka Occupational[…]

How to Break-in Your Work Boots in 4 Easy Steps (Plus some Tricks)

Do you want to quickly break-in your work boots? We’ve all been in that pandemonium of buying footwear that doesn’t quite fit, although they’re the right size. And buying a bigger size would only mean ending up in two weeks with a pair of shoes that are too wide. But things are particularly irksome when talking about work[…]

type of work boots protection

Work Boots Protection: Steel, Alloy, Composite or Soft Toe? Pros and Cons

Are you working in a tough environment? Do you need special equipment to get your job done? Assuming you’re looking to find a pair of reliable and comfortable work boots, there are a few things to look out for in terms of the protection. Tough workplaces require some equally tough boots, but there are different factors to take[…]